- Guests can store their sports equipment and other items in a secure shed next to the living quarters at no extra charge.

- Guests can use the grill and accessories at no extra charge; however, charcoal and firewood will be charged at separate fee.

- Guests can relax and enjoy the scenic view from the furnished gazebo next to the miniature water garden. It is the perfect spot for morning coffee or lunch.

- WiFi is available throughout the property, including the gazebo and the garden.

- Bike rental is available (10.00 EUR per bike for a day). 

- North of the port of Roja is a great sand beach that offers solitude. The path along it leads to Kolka (46-50 km) and is suitable for lovely walks as well as bike trips.  

- South of the port of Roja is a picturesque rocky beach. There are many different birds, including swans if you are keen on bird watching. This beach is more suitable for walks, a bike ride here is challenging, although not impossible. 

- Both beaches are located approximately 1.4 km from Roja Rodes.

- There are places to eat and food shops on the way to the beaches.

- Roja and its surroundings are the favourite place for storks and cranes.

- Near the Roja River bridge is a boat rental. Steep, wooded banks of the river provide a fantastic view and an unforgettable memory for every guest.

- A five-minute walk from Rojas Rodes is an evergreen forest, perfect for picturesque walks, running and cycling.

Here are some suggestions for the places you may want to visit:

 Kaltenes Kalvas - 8 km Dundaga castle- 33 km    Slītere lighthouse - 46 km
 Pūrciems White Dune - 16 km  Talsi - 37 km  Irbene radio telescope- 70 km
 Lubezere - 18 km  Kolka - 35 km  Ventspils - 94 km
 Lake Sasmaka Valdemarpils beach- 22 km  Engure Lake- 50 km  Kuldīga - 96 km
 Changeling Recreation Park - 27 km  Rideļi mill - 58 km  

* Rojas Tourism Centre offers extensive information on the leisure and recreational opportunities for the whole region.